There is much free music to be found here!

Please keep in mind that all of this material is copyrighted.  Suing people is a terrible hassle but if by some miracle you manage to make money with any of this stuff I, or we,  may have to… just had to get that out of the way.

Now… on with the free downloads of hours of quality independent music.

Solo Project

Paul Graves solo project.  Self written, performed, produced, and published music

Live Performing Bands

Come back to the 80’s with Rad Rover!  With a selection of your favorite synth pop hits executed with all the sounds you remember, you’ll be dancing in no time.Rad Rover is on a bit of a break for 2014, but the 80’s never die so stay tuned for updates. 

…The Way Back Machine

The most misspelled band of 2000.  The Big Creak toured the east coast extensively in 2004 with the release of Just Left Town
Brain Monkey! Home recording collaboration project with Paul Graves, Maxwell Button, and Aaron Bright


Loop based creations by Paul Graves, Dave Hayhurst, and Chris Koontz.  These are simple techo-esque tunes produced back in 2000