PTG Software is written in spare time and completely unsupported.  It is also free!

My main area of expertise in software development is in using Microsoft Visual Basic, primarily within Office Applications.

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The Register

The Register is a personal bank account and budget management system.  It handles any number of bank and credit accounts and features future transaction tracking for easy planning.

The Register Information


QCalc is a super simple speaker box calculation software.  This takes the most basic Theil Small parameters of any driver and calculates the low frequency resonance and -3dB roll off points for either your typical vented, a push pull isobarik vented, or standard sealed enclosures.  It’s quite handy for a quick calculation of how big a box will be given a certain speaker, or a good estimate of the low frequency extension of a driver in a certain volume enclosure.

Download QCalc


TempCalc is a super simple tempo calculator to give you a table of note increments measured in seconds based on a tempo input.  This makes the setting of effects like delay, reverb, and other time based audio effects a snap.

Download TempCalc

Both QCalc and TempCalc are stand alone applications without an installer.  These executable files will run from wherever they are, provided your system has the included dll file in a system directory.  If the application will not run, copy the dll file into your WindowsSystem32 directory and try again.