Song Management Database

This Access 2007 based database keeps all your song notes and allows you to generate and save set lists for shows.  Manage multiple bands and huge lists of songs easily!

Key features:

  • Unlimited song notes that tie each song to a particular band
  • Add file path to an MP3 file or paste in a URL to play the song from the internet
  • Create set lists for a band, date and venue by double clicking the song list
  • Re-order your set lists by click and drag
  • One click creation of a standard MP3 playlist for a set list
  • Print your set list with or without your song notes

This system was created for my own use while juggling multiple bands with huge song lists. The free form notes section can accommodate any type of text. In my case, I tend to list key changes in a shorthand form for each part to jog my memory on stage. The one click play is useful for practicing your material or hearing how your set list will flow.

There’s no official documentation or support for this application, but feel free to download and try it out. The application installation will required Access 2007 on your PC, but if you don’t have that it will prompt you to download and install the free Access 2007 run time environment from Microsoft.

Download Now

If you prefer an all in one download with the Access Runtime application included, try this one instead.

Full Download

Check out the screen shots!


Maintain and edit your song notes



Quickly Create and Edit Set Lists

Version 2.3.0, Last updated 2/11/2012

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