Tower of Power

Design Goals  This system was originally designed and built back in about 1998 when I became serious about gigging as a bass player and wanted a system worthy of the task.  The goal at that time was to… Read More

What is Gain Staging?

The term Gain Staging refers to setting the levels between stages of an audio system.  The real root of the term lies before digital recording and the ubiquitous computer based Digital Audio Workstation, but the concept is still… Read More

How much is a Decibel?

The term Decibel gets thrown around a lot in the audio world like it’s an actual value, but in reality it is not.  A decibel is actually a ratio and only means something relative to the value it… Read More

Basic Electronics for Audio Part 2, Series or Parallel

When you begin electronics classes, you will be faced with the most basic of circuit analysis, series and parallel resistor networks.  Using Ohm’s law we can determine just how much voltage can be seen and current is flowing… Read More

Basic Electronics for Audio Part 1, who is this Ohm guy anyway?

Anyone who works with audio as a serious hobby or career has been dealing with electronics, whether they know it or not.  From the point where sound is process by a microphone until it enters the air from… Read More

Decoding Audio Connectors

How do I hook this up?  That’s a simple question, in theory.  Anyone who’s decided to jump head first into a home studio may actually find that a bit more complicated than initially planned.  There’s a wide variety… Read More