PTG Electronics showcases some of the prototyped projects built and in use by Paul Graves.
Paul Graves is an educated and experienced electronics engineer. Contact Wogg for further information.

Much of this site is dedicated to the hobbies of Paul Graves.  Educate yourself on basic electronics concepts posted.  Or, follow the DIY loudspeaker projects that combine electronics engineering, acoustics and mechanical engineering, as well as woodworking and finishing.

Take a look at some of the hand made prototype creations of PTG Electronics

Speaker Cabinets
PTG Electronics speaker enclosures are specifically designed for a particular application.  Each speaker is modeled using Thiele / Small parameters to ensure proper alignment with the enclosure prior to construction.  Careful matching is done in both component selection and crossover component choice and design to allow a flat frequency response over the entire audio band.
Audio Components
PTG Electronics audio components are designed with simplicity and functionality as the primary goal.  Each component is designed with the knowledge that the fewer the components in the signal path, the lower the resulting noise floor and distortion levels will be.
PC Systems Integration
PTG Electronics computer systems are designed for functionality, stability and an optimum price for performance ratio.