New Application – Music Library

A new application has been published! The Music Library database is a file for folks with a lot of local music files to keep track of that are sick of bloated software tied to services or hardware to… Read More

Mythical Pickle Live!

Summer’s at an end and Mythical Pickle is winding down.  But before we go, here are the live recorded tracks from the Mythical Pickle show at Gabby’s on August 25th 2012. Set 1 Heavy Things Come Dancing On… Read More

New Software Posted

New to the software section are two Microsoft Access based applications I use on a regular basis and have posted to share. The first has been posted online for years and has received an update for more features… Read More

Fun with color schemes

The old black and dark red color scheme has worn out its welcome.  I’ve replaced it with pretty much the same layout and a simple light grey and white arrangement. I hope you like it.  If you have… Read More

Some recent live material

Here’s a quick tune from a Meister appearance at the Taj Bar 4/9/2011. It’s been a while since I’ve played with these guys, but I hope we can do it more often. The tune is Happy Friends by… Read More

The Register 5.0 released

As I get more and more familiar with Access 2007 and it’s improved features, I lean new tricks to make the application look and operate like a modern program.  Version 4.21 and before were still based on an… Read More

The Register 4.2.1 ready for download

A incremental update has been posted on The Register’s page.  This update takes care of a few issues I’ve encountered during daily use of the database: Irritating bug when reconciling accounts – multiple transactions with the same amount… Read More

The Register 4.0 released

The Register has been upgraded to Access 2007 format.  The biggest difference is that Access 2007 has a freely distributable “run time” installation which allows you to install and run the program without Access installed on your computer!… Read More

The Register update 3.5 released

The time has come… I’ve been using my planned update 3.5 for about a month now and after a great deal of tweaking and some odd bugs that popped up after the code was consolidated and re-written, it… Read More

Application Enema

For whatever reason, I decided the code base of The Register was done so long ago that it’s major chunks of code needed a update.  This resulted in a complete enema of all code and a one by… Read More