Wogg Music Video – High Tide

It’s been a year, which is about the right time to complete a new music video production. This one was targeting my core strengths with the funk rock bass, and showcase the use of slap style on my… Read More

Music Video – Acustatic

This tune started out as a riff on the fretless acoustic that I played with for a while before deciding to turn it into a completed song. The bass is the main feature here, with the guitar tracks… Read More

Some more Wogg music in action

Here’s another basement funk tune produced with a video.  This tune was created on Father’s day 2016, and produced in a single afternoon.  The camera was rolling as I tracked, and it took me a while longer to… Read More

New CD dropped – Acceptably Sloppy

After 10 years of creating and collecting basement funk tunes, I’ve thinned out the herd and gathered 15 tracks that were deemed acceptable.  The tunes range from kicking funk, straight rock, acoustic jams, to mellow out semi electronica…. Read More

Wogg in action

I had the crazy idea of taking video of a basement creation and editing it together. This jam was started with some old Acid rock loops for percussion, then written and arranged on bass with the drums added… Read More

Another little Funky Jam

After deciding there weren’t enough upright bass tunes on my next collection, I gave birth to this little groove and dubbed it Phat Groove.  Everything is cooler with a PH.

Mythical Pickle Live!

Summer’s at an end and Mythical Pickle is winding down.  But before we go, here are the live recorded tracks from the Mythical Pickle show at Gabby’s on August 25th 2012. Set 1 Heavy Things Come Dancing On… Read More