The Register

Microsoft Access 2007 based personal finance management

ScreenshotThe Register is a personal bank account and budget management system.  It handles any number of bank and credit accounts and features future transaction tracking for easy planning.  This application is setup to keep you on top of your money by providing:

  • Detailed checkbook registers for all transactions in any number of accounts
  • Easy reconciliation with bank statements
  • Personal budget management and forecasting of upcoming transactions
  • E-Mail alerts when bills or other planned transactions are coming up
  • Account information storage for bank or revolving credit accounts
  • Credit account load and payoff time calculations
  • Detailed reporting of expenses and income

Download the Full installation which includes the Access 2007 run time program if you do not have the program already on your computer.

If you already have Access 2007 or the run time installed, download the database installation to save some time.

Version 6.03 released 2/11/2012.

Security Notice:
Your data stored and backed up by this program is not encrypted and may be easily read if the file is lost, as a general precaution: take care of where you store your personal data.