The current setup at Wogg Studio is capable of mixing approximately 100 digital audio tracks with 64 real-time audio effects and limitless off line audio effects.  Current input capability is 8 simultaneous tracks.

Wogg studio is not a commercial recording studio. Contact Wogg for information.

Equipment list

  • Cakewalk Sonar X2 Studio Edition
  • Waves Renaissance Maxx 9 Native bundle
  • Array of other Soft Synths and effects for use in Sonar
I/O Processing:
  • PC Based:  AMD Phonom II  AMD 850 chipset AM3+ platform
  • Behringer MX2004A console
  • M-Audio Delta 1010 interface
Instrumentation / Amplification:
  • Mapex Mars Pro acoustic drum set with Zildjan cymbals
  • Musicman Stingray 4 Bass
  • Fender Precision Bass with converted fretless neck
  • Zeta Strados Fusion electric upright bass
  • Alvarez classical acoustic guitar
  • Charvel electric guitar (Dual Jackson humbucker, neck thru body)
  • Custom PTG design bass amplification and speaker systems
  • Peavey Classic 30 tube guitar amplifier
  • 2 x Cascade M20 large diaphragm condenser microphones
  • Matched pair Rode NT-5 small diaphragm condenser microphones
  • 2 x Sure SM 57 dynamic general purpose microphones
  • AKG D112 dynamic kick drum microphone
  • Custom built 6.5″ woofer based kick drum low frequency mic
  • 3 x Nady DM70 dynamic general purpose microphones
  • Nady DM80 dynamic general purpose microphone