A Few key web resources for the Geeky

Computer Hardware Research and Reviews

These sites are essential for keeping informed on the status of PC hardware.

AnAndTech – Hardware reviews and news
The Tech Report – Hardware reviews and news
ArsTechnica – Industry news and articles
Silent PC Review – Hardware reviews focused on quiet PC’s
Pricewatch – Component Price Search Engine

Audio and Recording References

These sites contain useful information on  audio recording principles and techniques.

ADK Pro Audio – Digital Audio Workstation system integrator, with useful reviews and benchmarks related to audio production.
SAE Institute – Large collection of articles on recording techniques and audio principles.
Real Traps – Acoustic treatment manufacturer with some excellent acoustics information.
Digital Domain – Renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz’s site on mixing and mastering.

User Forums

Cakewalk – Primarily for users of Cakewalk software, but also a large and diverse user community for all recording topics.