Wogg Music Video – High Tide

It’s been a year, which is about the right time to complete a new music video production. This one was targeting my core strengths with the funk rock bass, and showcase the use of slap style on my fretless P-Bass with an aggressive overdriven tone. There may or may not be a little Les Claypool influence here. Personally, my weakness is in the guitar solo and melody hook to make this jam more universally interesting, but if you’re a music lover and funky bass enthusiast you’ll probably dig it as it.

The title was determined by my daughter, and sounded reasonable enough to stick. I also tried a few new to me basic video editing tricks in Vegas Pro, like the text mask over the flames from my own back yard fire pit, a pan and zoom, and a failed attempt at true multi-camera editing. Turns out my recording PC that remains plenty powerful enough for the size of my audio productions just doesn’t like processing 5 1080p video streams at the same time.