More fun in web stuff

I admit… I have a bit of an obsession problem.  I decided this site needed some new fancy looking features that make it a bit ‘cooler’ looking.

In my quest I’ve tried quite a few bits of code, plug ins, and a whole lot of failed attempts at one point bringing down the whole site for a minute or two.  My whole goal was image handling, I like the pretty pop up light box style image viewers I’ve seen on other sites and wanted to incorporate that and perhaps include my photo album section linked from this site into the WordPress program.

Ultimately, the WordPress integration didn’t work out.  I currently use Coppermine as my image gallery and nothing I could plug into WordPress has as much robust album and user handling.  I did find some simple pop up software for WordPress and learned how to use the built in gallery features a bit, but decided to work on updating the look feel of Coppermine to match the main Woggmusic site.

So after a good week of trying all kinds of things, I think I’m done.

Check out these pages for what I’ve managed to do with WordPress galleries:

Studio Pictures
The Big Creak

And take a look at the Photo Gallery to see what Coppermine can do with a good plugin and some theme editing.

I should mention all the software running this site is open source:


Plugins are also open source and contributed by some fine programmers out there with more PHP experience than myself.  I’m using:

EnlargeIt! by Timo for Coppermine
Shutter Reloaded by Andrew Ozz for image viewing in WordPress