How not to comment

Now that the site has been up a little while and is getting a bit more search engine indexing, I thought it a good idea to explain how not to use the comment features available.

1 – Post content or links to websites completely unrelated to the topic of the post you are commenting on.

If you wish to discuss off topic or want me to check out your website, by all means contact me.  But putting this into a comment for publication is likely to get your comment marked as spam.  I have absolutely no problem cross linking your site if it’s related to the topic, but am otherwise not a method of advertising your site or improving your search engine stats.

2 – Use extensive chat speak ignore all spelling and grammar rules learned in the fifth grade.

I’m not going to be a total spelling nazi… but please try to type like an adult and keep your comment professional.

Chances are there’s more to add to this list, similar to internet message board etiquette, but for now these are the primary gripes.

Don’t let this deter you though, if you’ve got something to say… let it rip!  I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and welcome discussion.