Another little Funky Jam

After deciding there weren’t enough upright bass tunes on my next collection, I gave birth to this little groove and dubbed it Phat Groove.  Everything is cooler with a PH.

The Art of Do It Yourself Speaker Design

Even before I was a bass player, I’ve been obsessed with the bottom couple octaves of the audible spectrum. At some point, I decided that subwoofers were expensive and I should design and build my own. With a… Read More

Mythical Pickle Live!

Summer’s at an end and Mythical Pickle is winding down.  But before we go, here are the live recorded tracks from the Mythical Pickle show at Gabby’s on August 25th 2012. Set 1 Heavy Things Come Dancing On… Read More

What is Gain Staging?

The term Gain Staging refers to setting the levels between stages of an audio system.  The real root of the term lies before digital recording and the ubiquitous computer based Digital Audio Workstation, but the concept is still… Read More

How much is a Decibel?

The term Decibel gets thrown around a lot in the audio world like it’s an actual value, but in reality it is not.  A decibel is actually a ratio and only means something relative to the value it… Read More

Basic Electronics for Audio Part 2, Series or Parallel

When you begin electronics classes, you will be faced with the most basic of circuit analysis, series and parallel resistor networks.  Using Ohm’s law we can determine just how much voltage can be seen and current is flowing… Read More

Basic Electronics for Audio Part 1, who is this Ohm guy anyway?

Anyone who works with audio as a serious hobby or career has been dealing with electronics, whether they know it or not.  From the point where sound is process by a microphone until it enters the air from… Read More

Why the Mac vs. PC debate is stupid

I you read this site at all, you may notice that I happen to be a PC user.  I always have been, since my first PC, a shiny IBM Amiga with a 166MHz Pentium processor, 32MB of RAM,… Read More

Understanding Dynamics Processing

Don’t you hate it when TV commercials are way louder than the program you are watching?  Your reaction may be to turn the volume down when the commercials kick in, then back up when the program returns.  What… Read More

Analyzing the weaknesses in a home studio

Invariably the audio recording message boards are full of new users asking questions about equipment purchases.  Which sound card, pre-amp, speakers, software, etc. should I buy?  The cheap availability of recording gear has made it possible for anyone… Read More

Creating a Woofer Kick Drum Microphone

Concept Both speakers and microphones share the same concept, they are built using a linear motor that transfers electricity into motion, or motion into electricity. The idea of using a woofer speaker to capture the really low frequencies… Read More

Subwoofer Upgrade Project

Cabinet Design The original cabinet was built about 1990 with one design goal in mind.  Large cabinet volume = low frequency extension.  With about 4.4 cubic feet of internal volume this box was meant to allow a woofer… Read More