Anarchies Crossover Design

Integrating the Drivers Crossover Goals This design is intended to be my best work and the centerpiece of my main listening spot in my home for the foreseeable future.  To meet that goal while not spending time and… Read More

Anarchies Construction

Moving to reality Limitations My available tooling is minimal, really minimal.  So doing a complete build from scratch requires some careful planning and extra attention to detail to get everything done correctly.  I’ve been using this limited arrangement… Read More

DIY Bass Amp PPA100

A Portable Practice Amplifier for bass guitar, designed to have a far more accurate frequency response than the typical commercial offerings.  This design goal makes it suitable for a mono music blaster, a keyboard amplifier, or whatever needs… Read More

Advanced Speaker Design Simulation

Before you start making sawdust in the shop, there are a whole host of tools available to the DIY speaker enthusiast that can help you estimate and design your speaker on your computer.  For engineering nerds like myself,… Read More